Massacre on Dust_2

Hey FP.

I made another picture. The picture is showing the massacre of a squad of rebels being slaughtered by a APC.

Original :[/media]

Edited : [media]

I wanted to give a more depressing feel in the edit.


Posing seems really unnatural. Did you just make a turret or something and then take the screen while it was shooting?

Unnatural, on the dead bodies or on the man getting shot in the back and stumbling down?

…Or both?

The dead guy on the left is sitting up straight ( Or at least his back is)
Take it easy on the filters (2nd pic)
And use a different turret effect.

Yeah, well the guy on the left against the wall does look unatural, but when I was posing him to sort of slant or look more “dead” the arms would just stick right into the wall and spaz around. I agree about the turret effect though.

the original looks better

ughhh… the grain! my eyes…

It’s best not to use the turrets for tracer bullets. If you want to add tracers you should edit it in if you’re willing to learn it.

^ What Caboose said. Posing is really unnatural and looks strange, and the use of a bunch of filters doesn’t help the picture either.

Just keep practicing and you will get better.

Pretty mediocre.