MASSIVE Bases always get raided

every time i see a bunch of players, there always building a MASSIVE fort. WHY!? it screams for raiders to come and steal everything. on the server oceanicrust. me and 4 other guys build a small fort, hidden in a mountain, and have surivied for 6 days, we’ve only been raided twice by the same guys, but they never fully destroyed it. stealth seems to work better than a strong defense. Any Thoughts?

In my experience in rust, larger buildings work well for us. But, then again, we usually always have 2+ people on anyway at all times. So far, bigger bases built smart have been easier to defend. I have found it better to have a larger base with a good design to be more effective. Don’t get me wrong, a huge base built badly can be a train wreck. But if you’re smart about it, a huge base isn’t all bad.

Guess it depends on your personal situation…

Well whenever a small base is made, it’s always blown up every day on a popular server. Large bases usually take 1-2+ days. =/

my point is, someone always has more C4 than you have metal doors

I personally target small bases over larger bases because I usually get more out of my C4 unless I know I can fully raid a larger base. Larger bases may be a larger target, but they usually means more people are sharing the base, which means: harder to fight when online, better chance of somebody logging in if you try to get them offline, they regain resources faster, they have a much higher chance of knowing somebody that might see you (making enemies), etc.

tl;dr version: Larger bases may be more of a target, but they also discourage raiders that don’t have high numbers. (Though they do attract hackers as well)

I usually build several bases. One large and either two or three small ones. I keep most of the good loot in the small bases and craft in the large base. It seems to work well for me because all my stuff is spread out over a couple bases. So if one gets raided I don’t have to completely start over.

I’m with Zoidberg – we usually have a few bases. One of them will be a main base located near hotspots. That base is usually huge. We keep our stuff safe by making it insanely expensive to reach our loot, which will be divided up all over the base. Our secondary bases have enough stuff that if somebody manages to raid our main base, we can try to get it back or at least not be totally out of luck.

That said, we’ve never been raided at our main base so badly that we were out of luck.

We build tiny bases that never get raided. Got a new video going up on it shortly.

I have a large 3 x 3 x 20 base that is currently empty of loot - I’m mean TOTALLY empty - and a series of smaller hidden bases where I stash my stuff.

The smaller bases get hit more often than the large one. I’m guessing because people are precious about their C4 and don’t want to risk it all on raiding the bigger base.

Biggest base I made was like half a sky scraper, with over ten doors to blast through if u wana raid it, my thought is, Build em high, Build shitloads of metal doors, and then all u can do is hope, observe, and continue to add more doors.

Most people build up, if you have the ability to expand out instead of up. It does take up space (and materials for extra foundations) yet they cant just blow a ceiling out just yet.

So they have multiple walls to blow into just to get anywhere.

I always line my large bases with crates. So espers come flying by and blow in only to find 10 stacks of stones abd a starter rock in each crate. Lol 1 crate in each room really eats through there c4 count nicely.

Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man. Anything built by man, can be destroyed by man.

The 5X5X35 I had before the server was wiped begged to differ :slight_smile:

My biggest success has been with playing out of 15 or so 1x1’s hidden all over the map. Even with 3-4 players

I’ve had luck with many different sizes of base, some small and hidden, some large and in the open, some in between. The reality is that most players don’t have 40 C4 laying around to blow down 20 doors (and I would consider a 20-door base merely “medium” sized).

A truly MASSIVE base would have at least 100 doors (in my mind). Nobody is going to be able to effectively raid something that big .

Yep, the 5X5X35 I had consisted of all individual rooms (aside from 1 open 1X2 for furnaces/crafting), and it had 25 doors per floor. The base required over 1700 C4 to clear and it had 1 raid attempt in the 6 weeks it stood standing. During that raid they brought 48 C4 and walked away with a couple MP5’s, a shotgun, and zero ammo.

Massive “unraidable” bases are boring anyway, I like it when people try to raid my base.
Defending your base is a lot of fun and a nice change of pace compared to going out running around shooting anything on sight.
That is if you’re online, a lot of people consider getting into someone’s base while they are offline “raiding” while it’s not.

Anyway different things work for different people on different servers. It depends on a lot of things if it is worth making a huge base or not.
I personally never do due to reason above and I’m not long enough on a single server to get to building one in the first place (getting banned most of the time due to jelly people).

While I agree in theory, there are a few man-made historical fortifications that laugh in our faces.

I maintain several small bases + 1 large base. The large base gets raided all the time, I just keep re-adding doors and adding even more doors. 100+ c4 wasted this week on it alone. If peoepl are following me I always lead them to the big base, dump what loot I have on a higher upper floor and suicide out or taunt them awhile from upstairs while they waste all that c4 ;).