Massive Builds In Experimental

I thought I’d make a thread about your amazing builds in Rust. There probably already is a thread about this and in which case this is most likely pointless, however I still want to share my Remake of Kami’s Lookout.

This is a picture I took when I left for the first time because I felt like it would be destroyed by the time I got back.


And finally this is the finish of it. The only reason the picture is at night is because I got raided while making my way back down. I made this build for the community so I didn’t put any locks on it. (Or at least there wasn’t any when I took this picture. Can’t say for certain how long it will be standing but if you find it feel free to have a gaze from the top.) Oh and also after a certain distance rust stopped rendering the rest of the building, but I had it to where the very top flat part hovered over the nearby river and top of the mountain that I built it on.


If you have any interesting builds feel free to post them here. Unless of course there is already a thread about this and in that case link me to it.
Really was a good thing I had multiple sleeping bags located throughout this build haha would of taken forever to get back to it.