Massive camera glitch

Just to get this out of the way, yes i’ve asked this question before but i didnt use the right words. Please help! when i use the camera tool, i push the button to look trough it and it wont work, when i check static camera, it will still fall when i run into it. also, with the rt camera, basically the exact same but when i touch it, it splits into 5 or 6 different cameras. does anyone know of what addon does this so i can delete it?
appreciate all the help i get.


Have you downloaded any addons recently?

heaps, too much to count and thanks for such a positive response

Try reinstalling garysmod.

not meaning to sound noobish but wont that delete all my addons?


But if it’s an addon causing your problem, that’s a good thing.

However if you want to keep all your addons, do this: Go to Program Files/Steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/ and in that “garrysmod” folder there should be another folder, also called “garrysmod”. Rename that to “garrysmodold” or something, then launch the game. You will be given a fresh install. You can then return to your Gmod folder, and copy your addons from your garrysmodold folder one-by-one into the new one, to find out which one caused the problem.

ok, ill try it

ok, after hours of starting up garrys mod and using trial and error, i have found the addon that sparked the whole problem. because i made a new garrys mod folder, i diddnt need these but the files were

im not sure if all of these dont work, but it was only for me and only tried half of them.

i hope that people use this information if they come across this error.

i accidentally sent twice cause the server was stuffing up and i would like to thank all the help i had with this problem. thank you.