Massive combine vs rebels battle (12 individual poses, 9001 effects)

Someone is having fun with colors

Shiny, i like it.

The posing looks a little weird in places, like on the crouching soldier next to the sniper, and on the female rebel in the back with the AR2.

The blood looks a little odd, and the tracers seem thick, and the muzzleflashes are just blobs.

The fire is damn nice, though.

12 isn’t exactly what I call massive.

Got an original?

Meh. It’s a nice effort but the whole picture has this early-Joazzz-esque nature to it… ie. “how many badly made cartoony effects can I fit into this picture?”.

Yeah I also went hey reminds me of Joazzz at the picture at first. The glow from some of the colours is a tad excessive to be honest. And the posing as mentioned.

U just don’t understand the real art… Faraon got a nice alternative vision on some many_times_copipasted_things and that is great! Imagine, what would be with fp, if there were only explosions/solders/helis/etc.


I remember this one guy few years back who had self-constructed scenes and 40+ posed people in them.

You talk about oversatured shit and eye breaking crap ? Yeah maybe.

Is generic brown shit much better?

Indeed. Cause you can actually look at it without losing an eye.

You just envy my creativity and optimism.



Its so pretty.

It’s pretty good but some things make no sense, like the fact that it appears that the rebels strolled right up to the Combine despite all the firepower the Combine have.

All the light areas (the flames, lasers, etc.) all end up looking like orbs. :confused:

It’s nice but you shouldn’t mix colors this much.