Massive DDoS attacks on my server hosted at HFB

I’ve contact support and they have informed me were are in the midst of a DDoS attack. Does anyone else use this GSP and if so experiencing this right now?

common issue on HFB.

What providers is this not a common issue with? Is FPS any better?

They really need to add some more reputable GSPs that have the infrastructure to prevent attacks.

Every 12 year old with $5 shouldn’t be able to knock your server offline when they get killed.

What is the more reputable GSP that can handle these DDoS better? I’m willing to switch providers but when I do a search it seems not many agree on which is the better provider.

This is happening to me as well. My server has been down for about the last 30 minutes.

What a pain in the ass.

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You can pay HFB more for DDoS protection if you want. I’m sure the kids that are doing it will get bored soon.

So are you essentially saying that DDoS protection is not part of the rental price? I need to actually add that on to my service?

As far as I know none of them currently have the proper capability to handle attacks as they’re all 2nd tier resellers. The problem is, especially in the US, we’re very limited to who we can choose as a host for the servers.

I’ve heard you can pay HFB for some type of protection but I do not believe it is available in all locations.

Yep, mine is being hit too, and unplayable at the moment. Can’t even get to the CP.

You using HFB?

Yeah, NY node.

Same here. Can’t really access CP nor FTP and even if I get it started, it rubberbands like hell with just 2 or 3 people on.

If you look at your HFB add services tab from your client page, when you click it the only option is DDoS protection. It is for my Atlanta-based one anyway.

As for other services, when I first bought my HFB they get it up in about 5 hours. It’s been pretty good. I bought a Multiplay server the same day to try them both. After days of back-and-forth with customer service I only finally got them to set it up today. I had to threaten to cancel. Anyway, its up now, and at least its working.

If I am looking at this right, it is an additional $50 a month for DDoS protection? So that would bring my monthly cost to ~ $75??

That’s the thing, the server providers capable of defending themselves aren’t integrated with rust - I’ve only heard of one or two server providers (one which nobody can get servers from) that have any form of ddos protection

What are those two providers, if you don’t mind me asking?

Happening to our server as well. Out of ~204 hours of total possible up time, we’ve been up and running ~98 hours. HFB sucks.

If you’re using HFB you have 1 of 2 options right now. (I Know this information because we’ve gone through this so many times… getting DDOS’d after banning a hacker). You can have your server moved to Dallas, TX and pay $50 monthly for DDOS Protection (ask about getting a discount because your server is unusable without it). OR have your server moved to Quebec and placed under DDOS protection which is FREE.

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I’d like to point out that this will happen on ANY Gsp currently. All of the gsp’s that the Rust Dev team have picked are either too small to do anything useful about the ddosing (HFB & FPS) or to horrible to care (Speaking of multiplay here)

I am with HFB and have a NY location it is a PVE server and I have no problems as of yet…

knocks on wood…

Most ALL GSP have the same issue of DoS attacks and the industry standard is to black hole the IP for 8-24 hours depending on where you host. When I say where not only GSP but location. For example with HFB if you host in Dallas its 24 hours null route but if you host in HFB Chicago its only 8.

You can contact other GSP but they will ALL have the same result the bottom line is money talks. HFB and many other GSP do offer DoS protection services but you would have to pay an extra 50 bucks a month to be hosted on them. If thats worth it to you then you can just start a ticket with HFB and tell them you are willing to pay the extra 50 bucks a month for DoS protection services and they will gladly move you over.