Massive Delay Ingame

So a friend of mine bought Rust yesterday, but he has a serious problem :

Ingame, he has a massive delay, so waking up takes alot of time. The thing is, everything he sees is delayed. E.g., I open a door, he will see it like 1minute later. But me and the others see his actions right in time, so if he jumps, his jumps are not delayed on our “side”.

It seems like the delay is only on his side, and he also gets “disconnected : unresponsive” very often. Is there any fix for this ?

Thx in advance.

it all sounds like the quality of his net connection to the server. is he in the same location as yourself, or a different city/country?

Same country, different city. The thing is, he changed his location today and the same problem appears.

but if he is using the same ISP, that might not improve anything. how long has it been happening for him?

probably better for him to come here and give us info, but i’d suggest starting with the usual in the mean time;

restart computer and router
reset router
ensure all drivers are up to date or similar to check the connection quality and speed.
ping/traceroute the ip he’s connecting to

thinking about it, probably worth posting his computer specs too.

Sounds maybe like a memory problem, e.g. when he open a door, the package of this is sent to the server, the other ppl will see it immediately, but the memory is too low, so that he see it delayed.

How much ram does your friend have?

greetings from germany :slight_smile:

16 GB DDR3 RAM, but its fixed now, it only occurs on official servers. On community or modded server there is no issue at all. On officials ( no matter which one of them) things are going down.

i presume the community servers have less population than the official servers you were playing on, which leads me back to thinking it’s a weak net connection. but glad you guys got it running better;)

I doubt that, we are playing on a 150 pop server today, after the wipe. No problems on the community one, but serious problems on Facepunch officials. Problem is, our group has all the BP’s on FP Amsterdam.