Massive GroupPicture of "recent" models!

Here is the new addition of my massive group pictures, this time I have upped the ante with better posing(I hope) and 40 more ragdolls, making for about 100. My location was less then favorable though so a lot of them became quite far away, but the more important ones are in front.
This was a lot more work then I originally planned, although the initial posing went silky smood. I was ably to finish all posing within two days of work, but then disaster struck. The very last model I was posing, that damn Sonya Blade one, I was doing a forcible turn of a limb when the model went ape-**** and the game crashed. To my horror I had not taken progress screens in a while and my last few saves had become corrupt for some reason. This meant I had to re-pose about 40 models.
The good thing about this though is that the new poses came out better then the old ones, so it improved the picture.
Then came a new lovely surprise, neither my regular PC nor my more powerfull gaming PC could handle this scene with high textures, for reasons unknown. I guess it could be because of the more demanding models being released nowadays, but IDK.
So now I had to go back and split everything up, frankensteining together 4 parts in photoshop, I hope I did a thorough job, but if you see something that’s not quite right, that’s why.
How I would go about putting any fancy effects on this picture after all that just makes my head hurt, so that’s where I draw the line.

Hope some of you will enjoy, please call me out if you see something stupid.

oh goody

the concept

Wow that’s alot of shit.

what model did u use??

Just…way too much stuff, can’t tell who half of them are when they are that far away and that cluttered.

…Although I don’t know some of the people up close anyways. I think that’s Obi-Wan that skeleton is hanging his arm around?

No, it’s Kyle Katarn. Also this isn’t a bad concept, but the execution of it could be much better. It’s a little too cluttered.

Holy shit that must have took ages.

Jonesy doesn’t know why hes there or whats going on

Holy shit, there’s a Yun-Fat Chow ragdoll!?

where the fuck is kyle katarn’s model and WHY DON’T I HAVE IT YET

Holy fuck. I remember Hunt77 from 2006/2007.

I wouldn’t call those models recent, either.

Oh god… Kinda nice, tho.

Thanks for the comments PPL! Much appreciated.

Yay a big fat ass remembers me, hehe but that’s cool. And yes you are right, but I believe most of them are form the better half of this year.

Also here you go Lebowski:

Holy Crap, Models
Models Everywhere

Yeeah, the latest Sonya Blade model’s an EPIC POS, TONS of missing stuff. I HAD it in a picture I’m working on, and she crashed it THIRTY SECONDS LATER!!!

I checked the Dev Console after I spawned her, and a healthy amount of stuff is missing, so I highly doubt anyone will be using it until it’s creator fixes the damn thing!

Fantastic poses, I’m glad everyone’s doing something!

fucking awesome.
now, can you possibly link me EVERY one of those ragdoll’s and models?

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your help would be generous.
or you can pm me?
thank’s in advance!

Look for them yourself, ass !!!

that’s not nice…

anyway’s, it looks like i got 2/3 of the model’s in there.
it just look’s so nice.