[Massive Pounding Thrusts] - The server you've been waiting for

PVP * Sleep * Fast Crafting * 10+ Airdrop * Door Sharing

Looking for a server with professional admins, FAST server technology, and access to the latest server mods and updates?
Wanting to switch servers because of abusive admins or excessive lag, but don’t want to lose all your stuff?

Good. You’re going to like what we have to offer.

**Server IP: **net.connect rust.atbguild.net:28150

Switching servers can be a real bummer, especially if you’ve invested a lot in building a base and gathering blueprints. That’s why we’ve got some sweet deals to offer new players get started, for a limited time.

New Player Pack
-250x Wood
-4x Metal Doors
-P250 Handgun
-35 rounds of 9mm Ammo
-350 Wood Planks
-Sleeping Bag
-Full set of Leather Armor

If you bring at least 1 friend with you to the server, we’ll offer you and your friend the Buddy Pack which includes:
-750x Wood
-100x Stones
-800x Wood Planks
-8x Metal Doors
-2x MP5A4 Blueprint
-2x P250 Handgun w/laser and flashlight
-180 rounds of 9mm ammo
-2x Hatchet
-2x Full set of Leather Armor
-2x Sleeping Bag
This should be enough for you to start building your kickass new base.

If you bring at least 4 players with you, you will qualify for the Raider Pack in addition to the above rewards
-1 Bolt Action Rifle
-2 M4 Assault Rifles
-120 rounds of 556 Ammo
-2 Kevlar Helmets

This is a limited time deal for new players. We just want to give you enough to get started in style, we don’t want to play the game for you.
To get your package, post in this thread! Or message an admin.

As of this posting, there’s well over 3,000 hosted rust servers. So what makes us better than the other guys?

Our shit is organized
We have an enthusiastic volunteer admin staff that knows their shit. This is just a side hobby of course, but a couple of us work in IT so we bring a professional touch to our work. Our admins are players on the server and follow strict rules to prevent abuse.

We’ve done this before
We’ve done (and do!) large WoW guilds, Minecraft servers, Starbound servers, and competitive Planetside 2 outfits. We enjoy hosting servers and organizing small gaming communities.

We have a good time
Our admins aren’t shitty people who use their admin status to fuel their egos by being dicks in a video game. We try to be light on rules and heavy on promoting a good time.

Our tech is top notch
We are personally in contact with a server administrator who has direct contact with the hardware. He’s a cool dude and a professional, and during the New Year’s DDoS attacks his servers were among the most resistant. Our setup is way overkill for the server demand, and we have a close level of access to the server files for mods, save backups, etc. We don’t go through a GSP.

Basefucking: It is not currently possible to remove foundations, pillars, or ceilings once they have been placed. Invading and destroying people’s bases is part of the game, but don’t throw down a bunch of pillars just to salt the earth when you’re done. Other structures are destroyable, and allowed.

Cheating: Zero tolerance policy for people who abuse exploits or hacks. Duh!

Hope to see you in game soon.

Update 1/5: Added solo New Player Pack to the getting started deals.


Hello Apol just a quick suggestion on changing the i.p and placing net.connect in front of it people prefer to just copy + paste :slight_smile:

Edit: Well I prefer to copy+ paste anyway.

Not a bad idea, changed.

Could I get a new player pack?

Nice server, good people.

Yep, what’s your name in-game?

good server. admins are active. about 15-20 people on so come get the farm

Just to clear thing sup, admins don’t get any special treatment. They’re players like anyone else, so if you see one SHOOT THEM or they might shoot you.

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Admins also do not have access to items unless it is specifically given to them for a temporary time to hand out the player packs. If you see admins with weapons and armor, they earned them fair and square from the game just like everyone else.

Can I get the new player pack? My name in game is Hoosier_Boy_21. Looking forward to playing on the server!

I’ve put your name to the admins on the server. Message Maeli or Apol on Steam (links are in OP).

do people enjoy the whole package deal? seems kinda cheap to me but if it works for u guys then kudos

great server active admins, the packs are great get in here and defned yo turf

the player packs are a little strong in my opinion. 350 wood planks could be reduced to probably 150. The /starter idea is really smart though. Gives u cloth, a bow n arrows, shelter and sleeping bag.

Admins are very active and want you to fight them.

Update 1/6: Added Rust++ to the server to allow for door sharing and other features. Type /help in-game to see the new features!

Updated to the latest patch. Join up!

I will join, we are a group of 4+ players so I think we qualify for the raider pack, but only 2 of us are online right now, but we will play on the server now, is it possible to redeem the pack later? :slight_smile:

Yes! We need all of you to log in to the server at least once, but you dont necessarily have to be on at the same time.

server is pretty nice don’t shy away cause of the packs, i like to look at it as noob bait,