Massive ragdoll picture

I make these on occasions when I have a lot of new files stored up that I have not tested, this is my biggest picture yet and I thought you might like to see it.

If you like that you might want to check out this one as well:

i enjoyed the handicapped stormtrooper

Not much I can say other than: Wow,thats alot of ragdolls. Don’t see the point in this but posing is nice on most of them.

Also,link to the Ninja model!?

Impressive. Must have been a lot of work. Would be fun as a background menu picture. Love Max Payne and the storm trooper in the wheel chair:) Did you forget Alyx?

I was thinking the exact same thing about the stormtrooper and Max.

Most of the posing isn’t very good but I really like Max Payne’s facial expression.

Hehe, I did this when I downloaded Shotgunguy’s playermodel SVN. Wasn’t quite as epic as this, mind.

Isn’t that the only expression he has?

Lol’d at Max at the front.

Posing isn’t great, but the sheer amount of ragdolls you’ve posed made up for that in my book.

Nice man.

I don’t know, haven’t used that model yet. But when i think of May Payne, I picture him siting in a dark corner crying about the death of his family and cuting himself, and not smiling at the camera.

In max payne 1 that was the only face he made

Yes sadly. No face posing on that model.

Me too, his face is like ‘‘fuck yeah!’’. I love both of his games so much.

Agent 47 looks like he just woke up.


“What the **fuck **are you all doing in my back yard…?”

this is Optimistic +1, because you had a lot of things to try out and you tried them all at once.
Also, you must have a nice PC to run all those ragdolls. i would have loved to see a video of you unfreezing them ALL at once!


Then everyone looks at him in an awkward silence, and go back to the pose.

Wow you gave him a gheybow… And having that many ragdolls in the picture doesn’t mean he has a nice PC. Its called turning down your graphics for posing huge amount of things.

Now back on topic. Nice picture, a large selection of characters. But just one thing. Why construct?

The ninja was part of a pack with “gay” models, I believe it was this one:

Yeah I should have done a better job with 47 as he is so close up :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually my PC is from the stoneage by today’s standards, but I have an okay graphics card, the only thing I tuned up for the picture was the resolution. I did get pretty slow on the end though.

Also I like gm_construct, it’s cosy. Don’t you have a lot of good memories from that place? Anyways I always load up that map to test stuff.

Could no one spot the Viewtiful(Joe) pose up front?

lol uncontrollable chaos! btw nice bear model :smiley: