[MASSIVE] Rust Suggestions, Bugs & General Feedback List

So after playing the game for about three weeks now, I’ve written down lots of stuff I’ve come across that’s either odd (I.e Out Of Place) or should be changed.

Not to mention the bugs I don’t think people seem to really pay attention to or take note of (Which I’ve been doing extensively the last three weeks).

A lot of things on my list have been checked off that have been added already or I know are being added, so here’s what I’ve come up with so far.


• Right Clicking an item should bring up an option to Take “X” amount, rather then split (Although keep that, too).

• While viewing wood, display health when pointing wood at it before actually applying the fix then showing notification of health level.

• Overall better UI design. (Love the design now, simple and clean, but something maybe a bit more elegant?)

• Server-decided decay time, based on user playerbase and amount of actual structures. (So if only three people maybe total on server, maybe owner can customize to say four days decay? if 20 people on server, maybe only 3? etc).

• Decay of nodes while gathering (As you gather, the nodes look to break and get smaller before disappearing, same with animals maybe?)

• Stackable Blueprints of the same type (Just makes sense).

• Collapsible Craft Menu’s (Easy to organize, so if you only are building, you can collapse the other lists you don’t care about at that point in time).

• Local chat (For those without mics to chat close-by).

• When dragging and dropping an item on top of each other, it should swap the items positions (Instead of having a full inventory, which is very frequent for me, you don’t have to drop an item, to be able to equip something, then having to pick the item you dropped up again).

• When dropping an item, maybe have it show the actual item and the total amount instead of a bag?

• Ability to close chests with E (Makes opening and closing them much faster then TAB, although allow option for both).

• Animation for when your bag is open (Looking inside your bag animation or something) this can be used against players for realism.


• Ladders.

• Half-Height Walls for Foundations (Same wall design, just shorter, think looking over a shorter wall like a castle wall, easy to shoot over).

• Signs to place on crates and doors (Would make massive loot rooms with friends waaaaay easier to actually organize instead of going through twenty chests to find the one chest you need to put food in).

• Rare backpacks that are rare in airdrops/crate loots and offer a limited amount of space in your bag (Extra five slots or something).

• Compass and in-game map (Obviously).

• Additional Strengthening of structures (Level 1,2 and 3 wood and metal parts that are upgraded as resources are applied to them, take more C4, etc).

• Realistic “rustic” looking gear, torn armor, patches applied, etc. (Instead of a perfect red sweater you got at the mall).

• Shanty weapons, same as rusty gear, maybe blunt melee weapons?


• When pulling animals towards water, they run in a straight line and float above the land before the water and hover there (Think floating zombies in rad towns).

• Various ledges can be stood on (When a staircase is inside a wall, the staircase sticks out of the wall and allows you jump onto it).

• When Flashlight is on and you hit ENTER for typing in chat, the flashlight turns off.

• When killing an animal running towards you, sometimes they die and the actual harvest location is off-center and more towards the ground then the animals actual body

• When killing Wolfs (I found just them oddly) they sometimes stand there and allow you to harvest as if they’re alive, almost frozen in time.

These seem like generally good Ideas :slight_smile:

these are actually alot of stuff i was thinking. alot of this stuff needs to be added!

Glad you think so. Also updated the listing with a few more things and touched up as well!

hopefully they will listen cuz it would improve the game alot