MASSIVE Saturation or something...

Ok so I have been running Gmod 10 fine, and then suddenly I launch it and it looks like this:

ignore ridley please…

I tried adjusting my graphics, didn’t work, and its not my card, cause I have Nvidia Geforce 210 and 1.5g ram.

I’m really not fond of reinstalling Gmod and all of my models, so please let that be the last resort.

EDIT: fixed by restarting Gmod, but I’d still like to know what was wrong so I can prevent this from happening in the future.

Do you have bloom turned up or something?

Check your post-process menu in the Q menu.

not sure but open the console and type mat_fullbright if it is set to 1 set it to 0 not sure if that’s you problem but it looks like it to me

Type pp_bloom 0 in the console.