Massive Server Lag

I have no clue what’s causing it but every once in a while, even when there’s only a few players on the server will lag without stopping, everyone’s loss will go up to 90.

The server is an Australian dedicated server.


There’s not really much info to go on. It’s hard to tell what could cause it.

Is this a dedicated server one you have purchased over a server hosting company? Is it your own machine you run?

If it is the latter, what state are you in? I know for a fact in SA we can’t host because our internet speeds are pitiful.

It’s in a Datacenter in sydney.

The server spams Keyvalue errors in console when it happens.

I’d also like to note that the server times out for most players. With the error: Timed out after 4 retries. However, it works for myself and a lot of other players.

You have told us nothing about your server, what’s the specs, gamemode you are running, addons etc.
No way anyone can help without the information dude.

As said well here, without information on the server and what you’re are running.
It is immpossible to tell what the problem is.

Workshop pack
Has a few other custom addons which use PData.

Did you even read what either of us asked you?
Linking us to a workshop collection doesn’t answer anything.

Alright then, you already have the workshop pack. The specs are as follows:
CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1241 v3 @ 3.50GHz
OS: CentOS 7

We’re running DarkRP.

What tickrate are you using on the server? Also, how long is your average server uptime? Do you keep the server running 24/7, or do you have an autorestart everyday at 6:00 AM or whatever?

What other addons do you have besides the Workshop ones.
Has this lag been present since the beginning of your server, or is it just recently?