Massive SWEP Compilation for Gmod 13

I decided to do a project for myself to more or less take all the sweps and put them together for my own personal use, but seeing as how the new update broke everything it has turned into a project and a half. The idea now is to bring a ton of SWEPs to Gmod 13

"The SWEP Pack"

So the goal of this pack was to take all of the SWEPs floating around on the internet, clean them up, and sort them into groups by manufacturer. More recently, another goal has taken priority to get said SWEPS working on Gmod 13. Let me take this opportunity to post a disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: I take NO credit. ZERO. As many of you may have hopefully figured out by now, the contents of this pack are not made by myself. While I have made vast amounts of changes to the original weapons they are derived from too many different developers (who are vastly more skilled and capable than myself) so I take no credit.
That being said it did not cross my mind to make a credit list while I was removing Swep.Author, Contact, and Purpose codes from the scripts. So if you are a developer and see your work in this pack, please contact me and I will be more than happy to pay due respect. My apologies if I offend anyone.

**Q: How do I attach a suppressor?
A: E + Left Click on the guns that have it

Q: Why are my guns missing sounds/missing textures/errors?
A: You did not download all the parts

Q: I downloaded all of the parts, why are my guns still missing sounds/missing textures/errors?
A: Because workshop loves you. Restart Steam and try again.

Q: Why are my bullet shells missing textures?
A: This pack requires CSS as many of the guns use CSS textures on their casings.

Q: Why are some of my sounds messed up?
A: This pack uses CSS reload sounds for some of the guns.

Q: How do I fire the grenade launcher?
A: The grenade launcher functions as a firemode. E + Right click cycles your firemodes.

Q: ______ happened! Can you fix it?
A: No. The files are scattered across 9 uploads now and it would take a considerable amount of time and energy to fix each individual bug that comes up. That being said, my other pack (LoG) does not have this problem. I will occasionally update these addons should the need arise.

Q: Why are you copying everyone’s weapon addons?
A: Because the objective of this pack is to take the SWEPs from gmod 12 and bring them to gmod 13. Like I said: I TAKE NO CREDIT. ZERO.

**-There are currently 103 Sweps in this pack.
-The Pack is about 1.79GB, 634MB compressed.
[WORKSHOP](http://The Swep Pack Parts 1-9:




The List:


M82A1 (Desert Camo Finish, .416)
M82A1 (Urban Camo Finish)

Dual M92F


BAR Mk. II Safari


1911 100th Anniversary
Dual M1911s
M16A4 R0901 (Full auto model)
M4A1SOP (Digital Camo Finish)
XM177E1 (Removed carry handle)


-Early Modern Firearms-
​Dual 1911s

Browning Hi-Power
FNAC (config. 1)
FNAC (config. 2)
FNAC (config. 3)
FNAC (config .4)
P90 (ACOG)
P90 (Holographic)
P90 (Red Dot)
​SCAR-L (1st. Gen model)



-Heckler & Koch-
416 (Holographic)
416 (Holographic with Magnifier)
416 (Red Dot)
416D (M203)
MP7A1 (Suppressed)
USP Match
USP Match (Holographic Sight)
UMP-45 (Suppressed)

-Igor Stechkin-

-Israel Military Industries-
​Mini Uzi

AK47 (Explosive Rds.)
AK47 (Holo Sight)
AK47 (Red Dot Sight)
AK-47 (with various modifications, Ultimak rail system)
AKs-74 (Steel receiver, synthetic grips and stock)
AKs-74 (With GP-30)
AKs-74u (different finish, synthetic grips)
AKs-74u Supressed
Dragunov SVD
Dragunov SVU
Saiga 12
SV-98 (Without Scope)

-Magnum Research-
Desert Eagle Mk VII
Desert Eagle Mk VII (Different finish, .440)

Makarov PM
Pistolet Besshumnyy

Model 6 Unica

Luger P08

-Military Armament Corporation -
Ingram MAC-10 (Supressed)


-Rock River Arms-
LAR-15 (Holographic)
LAR-15 (suppressed)


Super Shorty

-Sig Sauer-
1911 Target
P220 Carry SAS
P220 Extreme

-Smith & Wesson-
M29 “Satan”
“Trigun” M29 (This would be the fictional anime revolver. The only real-world ‘functioning’ recreation of this gun was used as a kit on the M29. Which is why it’s under S&W)


-Strayer Voit-

G2 Contender

Dual TT-33s


-ZM Weapons-

Skorpion Vz. 65 (Supressed)

-Only weapons with non-removable suppressors are listed. Check the spawn icons to see what weapons have removable suppressors.
…Much, much more to come.

**Couple hundred pics here and here if you guys want them.
This pack is being made and tested on a fresh copy of Gmod 13. Everything works. If any of these sweps are broken, it is probably conflicting with something you installed.
Known Bugs:
-Pump shotguns have funky reloading animations.

Again, I take ZERO credit




Expansion 1:
G17 (custom finish, 33rd mag)
G17 (Desert Camo finish)
G18C (Suppressed)

**-Magnum Research-
**Desert Eagle Mk VII (.357)
Desert Eagle Mk VII (.44)
Desert Eagle Mk XIX

-Israel Military Industries-
Custom Desert Eagle Mk XIX
Desert Eagle Mk XIX
Desert Eagle Mk I


**Expansion 2: (Included in Workshop Release)

**Hardballer Longslide

-Heckler & Koch-
1911 Compact

Wow, Nice :open_mouth:

Looking forward to seeing what gets added :slight_smile: Those are some /NICE/ handguns.

Thanks! Much Appreciated

Gmod 13?


Um. What’s with the textures? Is this for Goldsrc? :v:

This is for Garry’s Mod 13. Which textures are you talking about?

Yeah…about that…

I just threw a few rushed screenshots up there. Which were taken in minimal graphics.
Sorry about that. I’ll be posting more professional screenshots later. These are all blown up spawn icons.
Oh, and this model is flipped. You’ll see the text correctly in the view model.

Do you have an alternate download for this? Rapidshare isn’t responding and I have been trying for 15 minutes…

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NVM it finally dl’d, let’s hope it finishes.

Alright. Not a big fan of Rapidshare myself but it’s the only site that’s cooperating with me right now. Currently looking at alternate sites. or

Thanks I’ll check it out.

I will probably be uploading the next release within the next couple of days.

sorry to be kind of an ass but tbh that model doesn’t look very good… it seems like the texture is stretching or something, low quality.

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sorry to be kind of an ass but tbh that model doesn’t look very good… it seems like the texture is stretching or something, low quality.

and this just looks straight up fake or like 2d

It’s called a viewmodel :v:

I think he means it looks like the sniper was shopped with shitty textures.

Let me reiterate: Those are crappy screenshots. Running in bare minimal graphics. My pc is quite literally a Wal-Mart Special. Give me 10 minutes and I’ll get you more acceptable screenshots.

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Is this better? You’ll have to bear with me as I’m new to this. I understand the texture is a bit on the lower quality side. I’ll look into redoing the texture when I have a few extra minutes.

Version 1.0.0 will be up within the next few hours.

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Version 1.0 is up. Rapidshare and Hotfile links will be up later.

I’ve got a metric fuckton of bugs for you.

-Automag has too much recoil

-FMG’s draw is too fast
^FMG isn’t fast enough
^FMG doesn’t have enough punch

-The first M82A1 has the default AWP reload sounds along with its custom ones.
^Sword Cutlass also has this problem, 2 reload sounds at once.
^PX4 Storm also has this problem
^And the dual 1911s
^M16A2E3 too

-Second M82A1’s textures are a bit fucked around the scope
^Second M82A1’s recoil is too low
^Same with the third M82A1

-PX4 Storm has some missing textures on its bullets (in chamber)

-XR9 has no draw sound
^And a lot of other weapons.

-BAR MK2 Safari has no recoil
^It also has a terrible model and animations
^Annaconda also has both of these problems
^AND the M16A1, though it actually does have some

-M4A2 has broken reload sounds. Try it
^And the M16A1
^And the M4A1 SOPMOD

-1911 100th Anniversary has syncing problems with draw sound
^It also has way too much recoil.
^And sync problems with reload.

-M16A4 with grenade launcher makes this error when using the grenade launcher:

[ERROR] lua/includes/modules/timer.lua:214: timer.Simple - called wrong!

  1. error - [C]:-1
  2. Simple - lua/includes/modules/timer.lua:214
    3. unknown - addons/the swep pack/lua/entities/sent_rg_grenade/init.lua:93

-M4A1 SOPMOD has horrible aiming.

There’s about 500 more but I’m too lazy to dump them all here.