Master Chief recovering from attack

Played around with some effects, and I have to say I think I reached the look of the cinematic.


Yay, compare the two through this nifty site:

Bobble head master chief!

Why is there NOTHING around?

Empty/Elite kinda ruins it.

lol giant head

random shrubbery

Nice. It is quite empty, but nice.

I actually like it. I like the atmosphere. The posing could use a little work on the chief and the editing could be better but it’s still nice.

Hm I wasn’t paying much attention to the emptiness, was just focusing on the editing.
I guess if you really want I could add some more things.
Also was basing the scenery off the cinematic


Also was meant to put flames on the Warthog.

Ferns look weird in the middle of nowhere

Hm, gonna make a version 2 now, some more detail, pose fix, taking in all the advice. Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Also forgot to make the shadows. Shit.

This is the first Halo pic I’ve seen on Facepunch so far, and its pretty good. Looking forward to version 2!

Needs more shadows. Badass posing though and decent editing so-far.