Master Key Swep

So i decided to take 20 minutes of my time and make this.

Pictures are at the download on

Its the masterkey weapon model from FPSBanana, transferred into swep form.


Use + Fire = Shotgun
Alt Fire = Scope
Fire = Well… Fire


Rapid Share:

Sorry but, rapid share sucks so the link has been removed.

Please provide.

Added more info… Happy? :3:

I still have no idea what a “Master Key” is.

Its a shotgun attachted to the bottom of a rifle, Go do your research :3:

What’s the rifle

Its an attachment, not a weapon in general, Im not a frakin weapons expert. so why are you asking me?


Wow fuck does that look pointless.

Get out, Furry.

Wizey!, another awesome swep.

(User was banned for this post (""Get out"" - mahalis))

Ok here is what I can determine.
-HK 416 assault rifle (Basically an M4 redesigned by H&K with a piston rather than the direct impingement system)
-With what is called a “MasterKey” shotgun attached to the underside. This is a real (although highly rare) attachment, most often done to M16/M4 pattern rifles.
-These shotguns are Remington 870s that have been cut down so that they can be attached in this manner and they are used to blow doors open.

Does it open doors?

+5 Smartness.

He obviously meant the SWEP.

Being a furfag I didn’t expect much knowledge.

It’s called a master key because it’s for door breaching, Moron.

Can someone upload somewhere else, I’m not waiting 2 hours for 6 mb :/.

When you said Master key i could of sworn you were refering to the game Kingdom hearts

Seriously, what’s the rifle

I love trolls

files broken


Its a year old thread, with a year old thing made by wizey, you could ask her to make something like it again…since it would actually be pretty cool, especially if it could break down doors.