Master List Issues ? my.gameservers ?

Is any other server admin having issues with their server not auto populating on the mast list. Because I have 9 players who luckily know my IP to connect and are playing. Anyone else having same issue with server not showing up?

If you would like to play ?
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I believe the @ is the problem in that server name. Garry disabled colour codes and certain symbols. Hope you can get this fixed :slight_smile:

It is populating Garry has removed usage of symbols in server names, probably to prevent color tags :slight_smile:

Why does nobody read the official site? Jesus. (and a forum thread) detailed how the Rust changelog is now at @RustUpdates, tweeted live as changes are committed. These three were tweeted by FacepunchBot instead, for some reason, but retweeted by RustUpdates. A day and a half ago.