master the technique of swagging

Bringing back the Carebear stare since 1986!

mandatory activation of voice chat so your prey knows what’s coming to it…

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Care to tell me how the fuck this has any relevance to Rust?

Please stop using profanity, you won’t prove anything.

Thank you!

Based God
A term coined by the American Rapper Lil B in reference to himself.
A Based God is an individual that possesses maximum swagger, a mansion, sports cars, wonton soup and the inherent ability to fuck your bitch.

Moreover, you will actually beg him to fuck your bitch simply because he is Based God. All these conditions must be met for an individual to be a Based God, though it is possible to have some and not all of these. Lil B will fuck your bitch, with or without your consent (which you will always give anyway).
That man just hopped out of his Ferrari and fucked my bitch whilst eating Wonton Soup!*

May The Based God forever guide your way out of virginity claws.