Master thief - job

hey ,

i started my server off a while ago, and have recently added in a donation system , sort of. its manual since i dont know how to do database, but, i have created a donator gun dealer job which is pretty cool but i wanted to add new job. (donating just for 1 job isnt so good) i would like to add a master thief job

master thief will have a fast lockpick than usual, and a fast keypad crack as usual … server has been going awhile but no donation yet , hehe :confused:

i could not find a fast keypad cracker / picklock on the workshop and was wondering if someone could help me.

thank you

Just edit the lockpick time and rename the weapon?
Also, there is a DarkRP megathread in the Developer sektion.

can you please link that ? i do need a fast keypad cracker also hehe

Then make a copy of the original one and edit the crack time?!


or, don’t have donator specific jobs and let everyone else have them because rewarding people for donating by giving them an advantage over everyone who didn’t donate is RETARDED?

having a server and not allowing donations since you’re paying for a host is RETARDED?

did you read what i said? i said giving donators benefits over people who didn’t donate is RETARDED. people should donate if they like the server and want to support it, not because the server is pay2win

its not pay2win

if you donate money, you get the MASTER THIEF JOB that lets you lockpick faster and crack keypads faster then everyone else who didn’t spend money!

sounds like pay2win to me.

Why it’s needed to be a thief in order to steal stuff? That’s stupid, we’ve got gangsters already =\

ok but where i can edit the speed ?

If you can’t figure out how to edit a weapon (pretty simple), then you honestly shouldn’t be hosting a server.

If you WANT to learn, search around facepunch, or on google. Google can be your best friend at times.

In the weapon’s shared.lua file.

cheers ms333