MasterChief Replacment models for medics ,fighters....

This not really a request to see has it, unless some has released a version already, but more of who’d like to see it. About 4 years ago before i joined the Marines i was working on this and had the Masterchief replacement for the good guys like the medics the rebels and those guys, I pretty much did this all my self, some had released a master chief ragdoll and i took it and rigged it to be boned to the “the good guys” bone structure so it would have theyre animations. And i spent days trying to make them all have different color’d bodies so the were unique and not just green lol. adn had it working except just needed to work on the body a little but when theyre arms raised. But i do realize now that you can kinda make your own NPC’s that you can spawn and may consider learning how to do this. I sorry i dont have screenshots cause im currently deployed and will be home soon, but just wanted some people opinion if this were a good idea

You might take some already made NPC pack base and rename it for your models.
Try taking those and renaming the LUA files in LUA to match your models.

This should work.

alrite i appreciate that, ill look into it when im home and see if i can get this working good