Masterchief's Jealousy

Got bored yestarday and did this…

never pose on construct did you rate yourself funny?

And then Gordon comes and shoves that shotgun up Chief’s ass.

Ok, time for C&C:
-Never use Construct, unless you build a scene or make a GMod-related pose. People don’t like it.
-Don’t use NPCs.
-The blood looks weird, is it TF2 blood?
-The little posing I see is pretty good, although his butt is too high up from the ground.

it looks like a player to me.

It is.
And I used contruct becouse installing a Crysis model pack somehow crashed everyother map than the ones bundled with gmod

Well you’re stupid for two reasons, using yourself for pose and that model pack is shite.

Do better please otherwise it’s like spam

ummm… UNINSTALL the pack?

Wait aren’t you supposed to pose these YOURSELF? Not just take a picture of you holding a shotgun pointing at a wounded ODST?