MasterFGH's sexy edits! + Bonus

I put so much work in those stuff and i think they deserve their own thread. Hope you like those. Click the link below the pictures for the original:

Zoey and Silent Hill Chick

Posing by deathwing107

Mirrors Edge/Emo look

Hidden pic
Still pretty emo, but with longer hair

Posing by deathwing107l


Posing by Xirteg

Posing by The Vman

You’re rimlightning is really an angels blessing. :open_mouth:


just… wow.

Simply amazing

Awesome…just awesome.

German quality.

Last one, there is no redness on the buildings beside the explosion, but on the ground? Hmmm, also not on the tank? Zoeys neck looks, weird in the first one. Not much I can see in the others, literally. What I can see is, pwefect. :smiley:

Nitpicking, really.


I see some redness on the buildings, but not enough o.o

The red/orange shine on the ground is suppose to be a lensflare thingy.

Thanks for all the comments so far.

1st ones hawt :smiley:

Two words: Awesome, Amazing…

You’re showing a good amount of skill in your work, and it looks great :smiley:
Keep it up dude :smiley:

The one that I think looks the best, in terms of shading etc. is the bonus picture :smiley:

Stunning, just… stunning

Oh man they keep on coming. This one was posed by Nirrti.

The only 2 pictures on this site worth seeing are the first two in this thread.

Rim lighting = :h:

“Epic” cant describe these pictures!

Awww…fucking awesome…I love it again.

wow when I look at these I go slackjaw retarded

Holy Cock… I think I’m in love.

Master, please marry me.


Thats awesome! MOAR please :3:

This… It looks as if it wasn’t done in Garry’s Mod at all!

Have an