MasterMonkey SeriousRP

Map: rp_oviscity_gmc4
Slots: 6

Now recruiting admins!

Come join us! We have Custom Jobs and NPC stores (to buy things from).
Addons: PHX3, WIRE MOD, PCMOD2, MANY TOOLS! ex. Stacker Tool

We are running 24/7 and we will always be will to help you. There are custom entities and many shipments.

DarkRP is edited differently for a more unique experience!

To apply for admin all you have to do is go on the server, and actually role play and show you can follow the rules and you will immediately become an admin!

The server also uses the NLR (New Life Rule). Which means if you die, you must forget everything that happened in your past life.

Have fun and enjoy!

6 slots?


6 slots isn’t much of an RP, I would upgrade to at least 20 or 28 if you can.

6 slots, not serious, though, though, it is a good map.

I agree that its a good map, but it does have a lot of faults too.

Trying to win people over by making them admin?

This server is too young for the public.


6 Slots, wow. Upgrade to atleast 12 :byodood: