Welcome to FluxRP! In this RP you can have pretty much any job you want. If you don’t find the job you want in the RP menu, you can just select Freelancer and /job any job you want! Our server has different events on certain days! Thursday is gamemode day where we do different gamemodes from T-T-T to DM to Ascension! The map for now is rp_christmastown for the holidays! Come on while the server is still there! We will probably go off Christmas Town shortly after New Years.

Rules: (Even if the rules is for a certain gamemode, it still complys to all other gamemodes!)
– Do not RDM unless in DM
– Don’t be a minge oryou will get banned.
– No prop blocking, surfing, climbing, or killing.
– (TTT) Do not accuse random people for no reason.
– (TTT) Do not cheat in any way (Admins cannot use privileges to cheat! Ex. Explode, Slay)
– (TTT) No ghosting
– (TTT) Do not Mic-Spam
– No racism, sexism, or any other type of hates
– (Asc) When piling boxes, do not trap other players on purpose.
– (Asc) No Taunting or Mudslinging the other teams
– (Dog Fight) All of the above rules comply.
(TTT) Trouble in Terrorist Town

On Thursdays it is gamemode day! Here is a list of the gamemodes:

  • Ascension (map: asc_vanilla)
  • DogFight Arcade
  • Prop Hunt
  • TTT (map: dm_richland)
  • Death Run (maps: deathrun_simpsons_final, deathrun_parking_garage, deathrun_marioworld_final)
    In no specific order.

Sounds interested and the thread is well structured. However, you really shouldn’t name a community after yourself. It makes you seem egotistical.

Looks decent, though, you don’t need a separate job just to use the /job command…

Isn’t that the exact opposite of what the /job command is for?

Ok Sorry it wasn’t called MasterMonkeyRP it is FluxRP sorry for the inconvenience…

Is the gamemode on the DarkRP base or did you make it yourself?

It’s DarkRP