Mastertool bound to Cupboard suggesttion

I like Rusts vanilla server.
I do like that we now have a 10minute remove option, but i think this can be made better and smarter.

In my mind there i often have questionable ideas about stuff that is good for rust, but now i have something i think is really good.

In modded server you often have a /remove command.
This is good, because sometimes building takes forever in vanilla and at somepoint you screwed up alot like 2 hours ago.

To give vanilla a legit /remove option.
I was thinking about a mastertool. Like a masterbuildinghammer.
This building hammer is bound to a cupboard and its specific range.

This building hammer can be crafted with 100 wood, if you open the options on the toolcupboard.
Like the (wooden) keys can be craftet from (wooden) locks, if you go into its options.

This mastertoolhammer cannot /remove walls from other cupboards or if you have the priveledge of other toolcupboards.
The toolcupboard should also have one inventory slot for this hammer.

Is this a good idea?
Im sorry for my bad english.

No opinions?

It is a good idea, but it is not worth looking into any further at the moment I guess.

You might be right.
Building seems to be okay and seems to be stable how it works.
But well, it hurts if you cannot rebuild in vanilla on some bases.

The biggest issue I see here is that when Vladimir and his gang come barging in and raid you while you sleep, you’ll wake up the next morning in the nude, your base will be totally gone and they will have put the master hammer as the only thing left in your inventory.

The other issue with remove tools in general is that say I have a base with 1 outside door… and Toto and his gang show up to raid me… While they are barging in the front door, I can just /remove a back wall and escape with all my loot. In the same spirit, it also allows me to just box myself in an armored 1x1 and know that even if they mess around my base for 2h, I can just /remove my way out even if I don’t have any realistic means of doing so…

Another issue is remove tools that give back the mats, lots of servers have that… You raid a guy, next morning you go back and his base is all gone, he refunded all his base and moved it elsewhere… This is ridiculous.

All in all, remove tools usually go hand in hand with creative ways to abuse them, making them more of a problem than a solution in terms of balance and fairness. I mean I’m the first to say I really like having a remove tool for myself because I use it in a legit way, but knowing the average Rust player, I don’t want THEM to have access to a remove tool.

I think the 10 minute limit is an elegant way to fix this.

One way to fix common issue of starting small and later realizing you need to destroy this or that to expand would be to have a special remove action on the hammer that has a very long cooldown. Make it 24h for instance… Once per day, you’d be able to remove a block that YOU placed. This would allow the average mess up to be fixed.

Of course there’s a missing ingredient in all that. Facepunch though it was a good idea NOT to save any information on who placed a block, so currently, all building blocks in Rust are orphans. It would be really nice if Facepunch would at least associate a creation timestamp and a steamid to building blocks to allow modders to make some magic happen.

One of the guys at Oxide did a mod to track it parallel to the game but mean, it’s a lot of trouble and overhead for something as simple as that. Knowing who placed a block would prevent the griefing issue mentioned above and so many other things…

And I couldn’t agree with this more on every level. I too trust myself to use it in a legit way but when everyone can do it, I’m worried, because I know what CAN be done with it.

If there was a way to limit the tool to only legit use on blocks you’ve placed as you suggest with attaching a steamid to the parts, I would be all for that. That would prevent using the /remove function as a griefing or exploitation tool.