Matches & Buckets Of Water

Pretty self explanatory really, but it would be really cool if you could start a fire with matches and put it out using a bucket of water.

Matches? Wat.

Bucket of water? NO!
Because Source cannot support water
Long answer Because source devs are too lazy to support dynamic water.

What about a fire extinguisher that shoots foam?


That doesn’t mean we can’t have buckets of water. We have particles and that is enough. We could even get away with an effect or having no water at all. :smile:

We would need a modeler to make the match W model and V model and then animate it so when you bring it out it shows the match being striked then if you left click you throw the match and whatever it hits it checks if the ent:IsValid() and sets it on fire. Right click shows you throwing the match above you and sets you on fire.

Most maps have water >.>

Thats a Water Brush.
Its water in the outside, but you CANNOT make a swep using that,

As for particles, hmmm right but it WILL look shitty

No no no. I mean just put it in water, not try and make a swep out of it or a entity out of it =.="