Mateba Magnum

Hello. I have this Swep for GMod that I really want to be improved to have MY kind of look and sound.

The original Swep:

The Model I would like:

All I want is for my VModel to be this Mateba model…I dont really care about the world models…do it if you want but I really only want the VM.

As for sounds. I want this thing to sound like it packs a punch, and its heavy as hell. A real bad-ass magnum.

I would highly appreciate and give all credit to the member who creates this. If I decide to upload it on I promise you my life your credit will be given.

Kind Regards and Best of Luck,

Can’t you just go into the Lua and change the script so it uses that model? As for sound, do the same. But change the sound file it uses when firing.

It really isn’t that hard doing that, you’ll have no problem finding what lines you should change.

I have no clue what I’d be doing…I’d like it if someone made this.
Its more complicated because the mateba i have there is a source file-model pack that needs to be compiled

I’d do it, but the model isn’t hexed. If anyone can find me a hexed model of this, I’d be happy to do it.

Needs to be textured, needs animations, need to wait until the model is actually finished.

I would also do it if it wasn’t already done.

You can thank Kermitethefrog for these.

Dont you think i’ve already looked.
yes that is a mateba however if u look it is not the same model and it would have different sounds.

appreciate the looking you did though

If it does not have the right model, then go and ask a modeller in the modelling section.

The model you posted isnt done, so you wont be getting it anytime soon.