Material Copying

I was thinking about the tool in photoshop, where you can click on a color to copy it then paint with that color. I wanted to know whether or not it would be able to do that with the material tool. Like click a current object to copy the material, then paste it on a building.

example: make a house with jalopy material.

Unfortunately Source, and most other engines handle materials differently to how photoshop handles images. For instance, PS uses per-pixel selection, where as most game engines use a material system, where each material is classed as just that, not pixels, but just a material.

You could use GCFScape to browse for the material and enter it in with material_override in the console.

EG: material_override models/shadertest/predator in console.

but can anyone make a tool to add he face of an object to ur materials tool ingame?