Material from DrawBeam goes wonky at certain camera angles.

I am new to custom materials but somewhat experienced in lua.
I tried to make a lightsaber material, but the following happened:

So the first image has weird pixelation in the blade. This problem is always present.
The thing in the second image only happens at certain camera angles.
I will appreciate any help you can provide.


I am 90% certain you are using wrong shader in your .vmt.

I also don’t understand what are you changing them for when the default materials I have work just fine.

Yes, I was using the wrong shader, thanks!
(For those of you finding this post later, the correct shader was “Unlit Generic”)

It started with me making a crossguard mod for Kylo Ren (I did succeed in this but the crossguard just comes out of the side of the standard hilt. I don’t have a 3D model for Kylo’s saber.)
Anyway, then I noticed the lightsaber materials don’t have a gradient-like blur.
I saw that the Star Wars Weapons did have the gradient effect to make the glow look better.
I experimented with using their materials for a lightsaber and saw it looked better.
I then created my own and imported them into your addon.
I had to sacrifice the trail, but for me I prefer the nice glow and missing trail over the other glow and having trail.

Don’t worry, I won’t reupload. This is just for fun and for use among friends of mine.
Although, could you take my crossguard code and put it in your addon?
I know there isn’t the correct hilt, but I think tons of people would settle for it just coming out the side of Darth Vader’s hilt.
I added a checkbox in the tool called Crossguard.
You can add it to any lightsaber.


A picture is worth a thousand words:

Yeah, I know, I need to fix the overlapping bit on the crossguard.

Crossguard mod without my new materials.