Material Manipulator

Based on the concept of the Model Manipulator (, I was wondering how difficult would it be to create a material manipulator.
So basically the STool copies the texture of one prop and pastes it to another, here are some visual examples:

I lack any knowledge in LUA scripting, so I’ll greatly appreciate anyone who manages to pull this off.

Couldn’t you just use the normal materials for those anyway? Because if your trying to get a materials for anything other than some simple materialed prop, then there might be some issues with the textures wrapping around an object.

Yes, but the existing materials are somewhat limited for my use, and there doesn’t seem to be a functional ‘additional materials’ addon or a way to add materials on my own.

I’m aware that it’s not going to wrap perfectly around models.

It’s not possible to get the material of a prop with standard glua. You can only get the overridden material if there’s any set.

+mat_texture_list might be helpful for finding materials of entities you’re looking at.

Where do you get those clouds???