Material Name Request - Not On Material List

It’s been a while since I have been on GMod, and I used to use a material_override in console for a non-reflective material that I used to make boxes with no corners. Basically if you make a box and paint the material on them, you cannot see the corners and you can colour it. Does anyone know the name? Thanks

Hmm…As much as I know materials dont remove conrenrs so Im guessing you mean a material that paints every side,but makes the corners unnoticable.I do remember recently finding a material that pretty much paints the objectr with the word “LAG” in the center of each side (not round or complex objects tho!),around the word its red and the corners are gray…Tho I dont think thats what you mean :confused:

Found it, if you want it, type this in console.

material_override debug/debugdrawflat.vmt