Material not showing for model.

The texture I made isn’t showing the material. Here is a link to my models and material folder.!sUYhWIzB!zAmoVPu38CScC1qVq4FSgQ

First, decompile model using Crowbar tool.

Next, you need to do is change in QC file:
$CDMaterials “materials\grapes”
$CDMaterials “grapes”

At the end, compile model again, but use this file instead of original:!uBhRWJYR!KMWj9kML_EGtRJAGs3_ziDvK3k3_Vco7RlGOPGk6mE4


Thanks man. I will try this out and I will get back to you if this works. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Thanks man it works.