Material not showing for object

I made a model, but the material for the model doesn’t show (purple and black checkerboard texture).

The error that pops up is this:

Requesting texture value from var "$basetexture" which is not a texture value (material: pp/copy)

My VMT is this:

	$basetexture "station\station"
	$bumpmap "station\stationbump" 

My VTF is called station.vtf and is in materials/station/station.vtf
and bump is in the same place called stationbump.vtf


try wth _normal on the end of stationbump and $bumpmap “station\stationbump” i.e $bumpmap “station\stationbump_normal” stationbump_normal.vtf

It didn’t do anything, but thanks for trying.

Do you have Blender or 3DS Max ? Because the model’s textures must have the same name as the VMT file.
Textures’ names are here in blender :

Exemple : I have a Mario model. In blender, the texture is named mariobody, and the VMT is named Mario. I have to rename the VMT file as mariobody, like it’s named in blender. Have you checked this ?

I have already checked that and I’ve made sure of that, but thanks for trying

Try putting quotes around $basetexture and $bumpmap.

That’s not going to make a difference.

Ah right, what about extending your file paths?

What do you mean?

Add in the parent file to “station/station”
In your qc, is $cdmaterials looking for the files in the right place?

Yes, check in your qc file.
If my textures are in materials/nintendo/mario you have to write all the path. Don’t forget to check if you write material instead of materialS.
And if it’s not this, could you upload the model please ? We could check the files, and it will be more simple.


Here are my model files!kEdnQT7C!pZdc7FEKIV-ZL9aNtdMlfQ

You should upload the materials & qc too because the others want to identify the problem.

I compiled your files & this should load in game without problem. Just replace the vtf:!W1glHZAK!-LU7ZAPcbiVG5o9F7bQmKQ

Care to share what I did wrong?

Idk since you didn’t include your qc, vmt. However, you can compare my files with yours and find out the problem