Material problem.

So, I compiled my map,
and in gmod I see it as fucked up textures.
Basically I don’t see a floor
Some walls as well
But it’s a default hl2 texture.
So wtf?
In gmod it doesn’t work in ep2 it works, in hammer editor it works as well.
But in gmod I see transparent wall.

What are the walls and floor made of?

Are they func_details?

Yeah they are func_detail

It might have
to do with the
textures being compiled
for HDR and the new
Source Engine. I had this problem once
on a map I didn’t make myself, and contained
nothing but HL2 textures, a game I have and
ran recently. I restarted and retried
Then it worked.

Also, don’t talk like this. If you want to space out text, use paragraphing. Don’t just put sentences underneath each other at random.

So does anyone actually have a reason or solution?

You func_detailed a floor? Don’t.

But it works in EP2