Material(string name/path, string pngParameters?) What's the parameters?

What exactly is the pngParameters? I see noclamp, smooth, etc… but what exactly do they do and can i use them for interesting effects?

You should be able to google most and find them on Valves devpage if you want a more in-depth description.

VertexLitGeneric Is used to be rendered on models.
UnlitGeneric Is used for things like UI images, pure white, and pitch blackness, but also in situations when software lighting is used.
nocull Disables backface culling (Makes the material draw from both sides).
alphatest Specifies that the material uses a mask to determine binary opacity. (White = opaque, Black = transparent) It allows the engine to sort it properly when layered.
Mips (No direct link) but I guess it generates LOD textures (Low graphic textures when in distance).
Noclamp Is a parameter if you intend to use tiling. (When drawing only parts of the material like

Didn’t find anything about “smooth”. But I guess (and have used it) to smooth edges in the material.

Special for you.

The page is still work in progress.

Ay, I was mostly right.

Also as a hack, you can use Material(“mypng.png”):GetTexture("$basetexture") to get the texture and create another material with no limits

Thats what I used to make png playermodel-skins. But it is a bit advanced and requires a bit more info.

Thanks guys :smiley: