Material tool not working (directx 7)

So basically after the update i can no longer use or see materials. I run gmod with -dxlevel 70 in my launch options as my PC is literally a potato, gmod has worked fine like this until now. I am aware of a fix to set -dxlevel 90 but I would prefer not to as it makes gmod run a lot slower. Any help with this would be appreciated.

You can’t fix this without going to DX9. I am not sure whether it will be fixed for DX8 and DX7, there are like 4 people who use it.

As far as I know, DX7 = undefined behavio(u)r. Only DX8+ is supported. Am I right?

DX8 is not supported either. The store pages says you need DX9 compatible video card to run the game.