Material Tool not working

So, after my GMOD had stopped working (which I had to uninstall TF2 to get working again), and I couldn’t get on this server I play on without disabling addons, etc. I finally got on and it looked like everything was working fine until I started trying to use the material tool. I thought it was like disabled for everyone but then I asked people if they could see a material and they said yes. When I press q I still see the material tab, I can click on it and see the materials but when I try to use it on a prop it doesn’t show up. For everyone else it shows up, just not me. Things I’ve tried: Changing a few multiplayer options, verifying the game cache of CS:S and GMOD (I uninstall TF2 as said earlier so I didn’t verify that), and reinstalling GMOD. None of which have worked so far. Thanks in advance for anyone who helps!

Switch your GMod to DirectX 9 ( -dxlevel 95 to command line options )

Thanks that worked! :slight_smile: