Material tool or wallhack tool o.O?

People in my server using Material and when they clicking on other people items they can do it like wall hack with 0 alpha or shit

I can’t even cancel it

But i don’t want to cancel it i just want people can do it only to there props.

How i fixing this wall hack tool o.O?

Uhm can you explain that in another way?

People using this tool on other people objects and they can see behind them…

Get a prop protection addon.

I already have it.

I don’t know why people can use only this tool.

Then it’s not working properly, get a new one.

My friends told me it’s working on alot of servers with prop protection and all + i got the svn version…

The material and color tool apparently do stuff clientside, means the server doesn’t send the action to other clients but its working for the client who actually used the tool.

Its garrys fault.

oh shit…


Material Tool on a fence, this is best :

Select any HL2/CSS material, since everyone got those, click on the prop, and it will be seeable through from one way.