I made a little model for GMod10 … had some issues first, can be read here
Now the compiling for the model wokrs excellent… but i have some simple question.
How can i change the hit effect/decal on a mesh?
The Text in the cq is for physics only, right?

$keyvalues {
  prop_data {
    "base" "Plastic.Medium"

After trying out all these Properties with no optical effect, i thought that it would be controlled in the vmt file… I added this code to my vmt file:

"$surfaceprop" "metal"

I looked in many other PHX Storms Material files for example and they used exactly this propertie so I thought that I did it the right way but…
It just has no effect. I have the same hit effect and the same decal…

Help, what’s wrong :confused: ?

Hello Facepunch?