I couldn’t really find a good section to put this, but this seemed the most appropriate…

I recently discovered the “material_override” command which has been allowing me to use extra materials then the ones in my ‘Material Stool’ list.

An example of this command is “material_override models/player/shared/gold_player” which makes the Material Stool shoot the material that is put on players after you hit them with the Golden Wrench which I thought was pretty cool.

So I came here to ask: Does anyone know any good material paths to use for the “material_override” command?

P.S Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

GCFscape is your friend.
Or Hammer.

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We know how to change the material using console, k.

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You got this information from the thread in general discussion, didn’t you? I hate people trying to sound smart when they just get information from somewhere else.

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No, I randomly came across this command when I typed “material” in console.

Can anyone tell me exactly how to do this? I opened hammer, picked a texture to use then typed “material_override brick/brickwall056a” in console, but it didn’t work. Am I doing something wrong?

Try “material_override materials/brick/brickwall056a” or “material_override models/brick/brickwall056a” Can’t be bothered to open GCFscape and check.

Yeah I forgot to say, I tried both of those aswell. Didn’t work.

I’ll install GCFscape.

EDIT: So how exactly do I use this to find materials?

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