Materials are fucked up and I can't see anything

So,apparently my materials are fucked up. Trees and other stuff change colors every now and then (and not even the good colors,just gay neon shitty colors),most of the models are not even proper and when I face a certain way then there’s this black piece of shit covering up like three quarters of the screen. When I whip out my physics gun or basically just any tool,it becomes a pile of lines of whatever the color of the tool is. When I am on multiplayer,other people are either invisible or i see only their head. I reinstalled garry’s mod and deleted the materials folders,but it’s still the same.

Post specs, you’re artifacting.

Processor type : Intel® GMA 3100
Processor: Intel® Pentium® Dual CPU E2160 @ 1.80GHz, ~1.8GHz
Memory : 2560 MB RAM
Graphics card (I think) : Intel® G33/G31 Express Chipset Family

Gmod runs like a dream,but the materials are fucked up. Otherwise it just works really smoothly

Intel GMAs can’t run for shit.
Upgrade the GPU.

I suggest if you’re just gonna run Gmod. US.

Can it run gmod on high settings or just medium? ain’t gonna change my mind because of that but i’m just asking

No literally.
It can’t run it. Regardless of setting changes.
Hence the reason why you are ARTIFACTING

I’m talking about the one you recommended to me. By the way if you know any chipsets similar to this one and at a price nearly the same it would be really helpful because I haven’t found the one you told me on any french site (cuz i live in france)

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Also I did some research on “artifacting” (because i didnt know what that meant) and that is exactly what i am experiencing except way more severe. thanks for your help dude

Oh my bad.
Hell yeah. Infact that GT430 can run most newer games medium-medium high, but Gmod will definetly run max settings without an issue.

So can I just change the graphics card or do I have to change the whole chipset?

Your current one is integrated, just install the new one and install the new drivers and you’ll be sweet as from there.

Let’s be fair, gmod can’t run max on a pair of GTX 670’s in some situations :wink:

But yes, the GT430 will run it well.

However you said you where using the GMX 3100, is that a laptop?

Well, his processor is a desktop model, so yes he’s definitely running a desktop.