Materials/Effects bug..

Got these weird Materials/Effects when restarting map many times or changing GMod Settings…

Affects :
Weapon Material/Effects
Entity Effects

Images : (Only GMod {13} & HL2 Weapons)

Looks Cool… :smile:

Whoa… :suicide:

Settings : (Running on Low Settings because lag)

GMod Settings

DirectX Diagnostic Settings (I’m going to buy new graphics card, Maybe next year)

Any help?

DirectX v10.1?
Right click Garry’s Mod in the library, and go into its settings. You should see a button labeled “Set launch options”.
Click that, and put in “-dxlevel 95”. Then close it and relaunch your game.

If you’re having FPS issues, try setting that number to 80, then restarting your game again.
Remove it from launch options when you’re finished, or else your graphic options will reset each time you launch the game.

Yeah, DirectX 10 and above isn’t supported in GMod.

Thanks For The Info…
And i got something…

When i play with the DirectX 8 and Low settings,
The water on GM_Construct looks… weird.

Why DirectX 8? DirectX 8 is broken.

Okay… I’ll try DirectX 9… :smile:

Just put -dxlevel 95 in your startup options like said in the above post.