Materials/Models Subforum

This is one of my favorite resources for mapping, people are always helpful and threads like the Pimpage one are an excellent display and resource to see how designers did things and what is right/wrong about your own work.

However there is no subforum for mapping assets, eg models, materials, prefabs etc. I think having such a forum would be an excellent place for people to congregate, show how they made an awesome texture or display a model for other people to use in their maps.

What are peoples thoughts? Good idea or a flop?

would be great

We’ve been discussing this before. Terrenteller was considering petitioning for a breakdown of this forum, but the thing is, models surely belong in the modelling section, materials usually end up in here anyway, and if we split it down are we not just spreading our tightknit community out and dilluting the knowledge available? I like mapping as it is, because it’s all here in one place.

To summarise, I don’t think we need any change.

I tried asking about mapping resources in the modelling forum and i got no reply. And most of the models there seem to be ragdolls specifically for gmod.

What do you mean by “mapping resources”? You were probably better off asking in here.

That sort of thing.

you won’t get any help in the modeling section because most of it is people re-skinning the same characters and modeling the same boring guns.

you’re better off learning to model simple shit on the side or getting a friend who models. or hope someone answers your thread in the modeling/skins request section.

[/li][li]Trigger_adminroom (Requesting File/Link)

[li]Artillery Gun
[/li][li]Combine Gun
[/li][li]Laser Cannon
[/li][li]Machine Gun
[/li][li]Railroad Bridge
[/li][li]VMEX Decompile Protect
[/li][li]Xen Teleport

[li]Dystopia Prop Pack
[/li][li]Foliage Pack
[/li][li]Insurgency Mod Content Part 1
[/li][li]Insurgency Mod Content Part 3
[/li][li]Insurgency Mod Content Version 2
[/li][li]Get a Life Mod Content Part 1
[/li][li]Get a Life Mod Content Part 2
[/li][li]Get a Life Mod Content Part 3

[li]198 Mapping Textures
[/li][li]25 House Related Materials
[/li][li]63 More Mapping Textures
[/li][li]AtomTextures Pack
[/li][li]Basic Texture Pack
[/li][li]Camouflage Materials
[/li][li]Cartoon Texture Pack
[/li][li]Caskami Skybox Pack
[/li][li]Chrisknyfe’s Water Materials
[/li][li]Computer Console Materials
[/li][li]Custom Texture Pack 1.2
[/li][li]Cyoob Texture Pack
[/li][li]DeathByNukes’ Textures
[/li][li]Dev Texture Pack
[/li][li]Dev Textures Complete
[/li][li]Doom 2 Texture Pack
[/li][li]GMod Compatible RT Monitor Materials
[/li][li]Grass Texture
[/li][li]Halfwit-2’s Texture Links
[li]Canvas Texture
[/li][li]CNCR04’s Texture Packs [Sample]
[li]Pack 1
[/li][li]Pack 2
[/li][li]Pack 3
[li]Half Life 1 Textures
[/li][li]House Material Pack
[/li][li]Interior Materials
[/li][li]Measure Generic Recolor
[li]Night Skies
[/li][li]Nudel’s Refractive Glass textures
[/li][li]Seven Skies Pack
[li]Sign Decals
[/li][li]Quake Textures
[li]HamiltonFed’s Texture Pack
[/li][li]HiddenMyst’s Materials
[/li][li]House Material Pack
[/li][li]Oblivion Texture Pack
[/li][li]Reactor Materials
[/li][li]Rory’s Material Set
[li]EP1 Compatable Set (Requesting File/Link)
[/li][li]Orange Box Compatable Set
[/li][li]Smurfy’s Magical Clean Road Texture Pack
[/li][li]S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Textures Part 1
[/li][li]S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Textures Part 2
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[li]Third Party Materials
[/li][li]Tile Pack V2
[/li][li]Various Materials
[/li][li]Various Materials Addon
[/li][li]Venetian Blinds
[/li][li]Waterfall Materials

Model & Texture
[li]Dystopia Pack 1
[/li][li]Dystopia Pack 2


Plenty of resources in the Encyclopedia, although most of them are textures. If anyone wants something added to the list, let me know.

I’ve got quite a lot of those, i was wondering if there was a site where people post models/can upload models, similar to the one i posted above.

FPSBanana and have a wide variety.

Terrenteller the umm stalkerpart 2 is up there :C was looking forward for some POSTAPOC mapping.

Yeah gmod is good for models, that’s been my best resource thus far. FPSbanana doesn’t seem to have many, they all are uncompiled/unfinished here.