Materials/Models wont Load on Vehicle Pack

I am having issues where a vehicle pack I am working is not giving the actual model, or materials, I have on the spawned vehicle.
Example - I see the car in my category, it spawns, I can drive it, but it is completely invisible. I can move it, hit it with other objects and I see that it is shapped correctly as it collides with ball props (to see shape) but the actual model is not visible, nor is the material.
I know it is some mistake on my end because I asked someone to fix it for me and they showed it all works (my materials and models are on screen) but he wont release my faults or the fix unless I give him $30 dollars. Can someone help a novice lua writer with this problem?


*Taken from addons\folder\lua\autorun\filename.lua

local V = {     
                Name = "CARNAME", 
                Class = "prop_vehicle_jeep",
                Category = Category,
                Author = "me",
                Information = "car_name",
                Model = "models/vehicles/car_name.mdl",
                SeatType = "jeep_seat",
                Horn = {Sound = "vu_horn_simple.wav", Pitch = 100, Looping = false},
                Customexits = { Vector(-90,36,22), Vector(82,36,22), Vector(22,24,90) ,Vector(2,100,30) },
                ModView = { FirstPerson = Vector(0,0,4) },
                KeyValues = {
                                vehiclescript    =    "scripts/vehicles/car.txt"

list.Set( "Vehicles", "Car Name", V )

Changed the car’s title to Car Name and this is a stock script I found to ease my writing efforts. Thank you

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