Materials/Models won't transfer

Every custom file I download, everything works (lua, etc…) except materials and models. I downloaded a lightsaber to test it out and the force powers work but the lightsaber is shown as an error and i always have to manually put the files in my own game folders then i can see it but the people in my server cannot (because it won’t transfer the material or model files). So basically, everything is seen as an error no matter what. I don’t know if it makes a difference but I’m renting a server online and i use FileZilla to transfer the files into my server. How can I fix this?

I dont know if you’re the guy who had another thread exactly like this, but I’m gonna reply anyways:

You need the Resource script.

In: “garrysmod/Lua/autorun/server/resource.lua” (If you dont have autorun and server folder, create it and the resource.lua file".

Then in resource.lua you type:

[lua]resource.AddFile( ‘path/thing’ )[/lua]


[lua]resource.AddFile( ‘models/player/gman_high.mdl’ )[/lua]
That makes the client download the Gman model, if they dont have it.

Hope I helped!

I had a similar thread but nobody was answering so i had to REPEAT myself. I’ll try this out later and see how it goes.