Materials Tool

Hi! Is it possible to have these materials in Tool Gun? If it is, can someone do that? I will be very grateful. Greetings from Poland!


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Hi, if you know any basics about editing lists in a lua file, you can edit this file and add the appropriate materials you want near the middle:

Just be sure to save it as “material.lua” and place it in “garrysmod\gamemodes\sandbox\entities\weapons\gmod_tool\stools”

And if I didn’t want to replace the materials and only add new ones? What do I type in the document? If you help me create a rule is processed, I could have add the new materials myself.

Then you’d just add
list.Add( “OverrideMaterials”, “SOMEMATERIALDIRECTORYHERE” )
after where it says // You can begin adding here ***

This pack. “Just unzip to ‘Garrysmod/Garrysmod’” it says.
Okay. I did it. I have folder GC Textures unzipped to this directory. I’m trying to add some textures from this folder to my Materials Tool, but it’s not working. I made a directory.
For example: list.Add( “OverrideMaterials”, “GC_Textures/wood/Wood_Plywood04” )
But on materials list I have this “Wireframe” not texture, and it’s not working.
Any Idead? Cas someone tell me where exactly I must put this folder with textures? Then, show me sample directory? Please.

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Doesn’t it have to be materials/GC_Textures/wood/Wood_Plywood04? Its probably the file naming you got wrong or smething.

materials/GC_Textures/wood/Wood_Plywood04 <Unfortunately it’s not working
models/GC_Textures/wood/Wood_Plywood04 <This isn’t working too
I don’t have an idea what now.
Maybe someone else know something?

Aren’t all of them textures, not materials?

Yeah, and I don’t understand nothing now. What I must to do, to have them as materials, and in materials tool?


Dam these textures are in VTF, there are also VMT files. WHAT I MUST TO DO TO CONVERT IT TO MATERIALS AND USE IN A GUN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I just downloaded the pack and took a look, the materials need to be in


I found this info by opening the vmt file(it’s just text), the vmt file tells source where the texture is, so extract the materials to where the vmt specifies.

The line it’s on is

“$basetexture” “CustomText/GC Textures/wood/Wood_Unifnished10”

So there are two ways to do this, edit all vmt’s to point to the new location(all relative to /materials/) or move the materials to the proper folder structure.

if moved to the proper location the code for the tool will be

list.Add( “OverrideMaterials”, “CustomText/GC Textures/wood/Wood_Unifnished10” )

hope that helps

Man, thanks for the answer. I did what you told me. It’s not working for me. Icon of the material is black cube, when I’m trying to set material on sample thing, nothing happens. I put CustomText folder in materials.
list.Add( “OverrideMaterials”, “CustomText/GC Textures/wood/Wood_Unifnished10” ) I tried to set this line for some other materials but it’s still not working. Maybe You have any ideas, what now? If not, thanks anyway. You’re the only who really tried to help me.

It’s not working because as the download title on says, “198 Mapping Textures”, meaning the textures are meant for use in hammer and not meant for being applied to props as materials. Trying to apply one of these textures to a prop and then applying a color to the prop used to change the color of the same texture that was on the map, but Garry fixed this bug and now replaces it with wireframe.
Getting these to work on props would require you to change a whole ton of settings in the .vtf and the .vmt files. As to what exactly needs to be changed, I don’t know. There is probably a page somewhere on the Valve Developer Wiki that explains how to make a new texture for use on props.

Any texture modification/making will require you to use VTF Edit. It can be downloaded here for free.

If you want to make sure that it isn’t the lua thats causing the issue, try adding “debug/debugdrawflat”. It is a nice full-bright material that isn’t effected by world lighting. I’m not entirely sure why it isn’t in there already.

Also, is this list of materials client side or server side? IE, can I change this list and then go onto a server and then it will show the materials I added? (As long as the server has the same materials)

Okay, thanks for the information. I don’t know nothing about these lists anyway.