Materials wont be loaded by FastDl

hopfully somone here can help me. My server has an fastdl setup and all Plugins are working.
Now i’ve created my first own HUD for ttt, but the GUI images aren’t loaded.


resource.AddFile( “materials/heart.png” )



local Texture10 = Material(“heart.png”)


The HUD is locally working but in the ddc the images aren’t loaded.
The Materials are placed in /materials/

If i delete them on the fastdl, i’ll get an error that he can’t find the png or png.bz2 file on the fastdl server. But the files locally are missing (e.g. /download/materials/heart.png )

What should i check next ?

So the images are appearing black/purple ?

I’d check your own console log to see if you’re even downloading the files.

You may have downloads turn off in the Options menu.

Can’t really tell by the post, but make sure they’re uploaded to the dedicated server materials folder as well. If its saying it can’t find it, then it’s obviously not there or broken.

I’ve deleted the download folder and everything except the images is downloaded correctly.
The message that the images aren’t found only appear if i rename the images.

Solved the problem!
In my plugin dir the materials folder wars in /plugin/resource/materials , moving it to /plugin/materials fixxed the problem