Materials workflow with Destiny stuffs

Basically, how do I achieve this? Top is a basic bitch cycles view port render with a basic PBR shader on the tiny ripped Destiny armory textures. Bottom is a super idealized render from the ingame grimoire. I know I’m not gonna get magic with a low poly model and itsy-bitsy textures but I know i can do better. Not super tuned in to the various PBR workflows, I’m guessing that this is a metalness workflow with some kinda Object space normals? Probably wrong though. But yeah, thanks for any suggestions on what to do with the textures.


attached is the model and texture files for poking around in: Heckmoon.7z

So you can rip from this site? Thank you for this, I guess it’s the best we can get until we open the game files.
Did you have any luck with the shader or are you still having issues?