Is there a way to draw a material so that you can see it through world brushes and other entities? If it were possible, would it be through Lua or is there something I need to put in the VMT? Thanks a lot!

I guess someone wants to make a wallhack :clint:

Lol’ed He couldn’t (could) have made it more obvious.

     *********          "HOW DOEZ I HAX?!?!??!?"

I am making a wall hacks thing, but it is more of an admin script. the server I’m on has so many mnges and seeing people’s names make it easier to ban them. Laugh at me if you want. I’m putting circles under people like Citrus, but it kind of defeats the point if I cant see them behind stuff like I kinda wanted to. It’s for depth perception, and no I don’t use hacks for bad things. Don’t take me as a bad Lua coder, this is just so it’s easier to be an admin.

Well, you have to know how to correctly render a 3d model to ignore z
first, and that stuff is pretty complicated.

oh, well thanks a lot Gbps!