I get this anoying error that says "MaterialSystem_interface_T:AllocateLightmap: lightmap(516x3) too big to fit in page (512x256)…


It seems that you have a lightmap that’t to big for a face, if you can’t find that face, select your whole map and set the lightmap to default (16) and start over.

How do I set the lightmap to 16?

Check for large, rectangular displacements. When selecting displacement faces with the texture tool, the invalid face(s) should have a non power of two lightmap scale value. When found, clip the displacement into squarer parts.

Displacements determine their own lightmaps. Changing the value wouldn’t change the displacement because it would change itself back, which can help in finding the invalid face(s).

Top right corner of the Face Edit Sheet window.

Press the face editor tool. And you will see an option for changing the lightmap scale.

I’m not an expert in this area, so rate me dumb if I’m wrong.

Yea, it was just a fucked up displacement. :expressionless: